Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Softcore: Good wife and Photographer

''Several shots were taken of me sitting on the bench. He then had me lay on the bench and he moved the camera to down between my legs. Even though my legs were still closed this camera angle made may me feel more exposed.''

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Diary: Why You Should Never Cheat

Real name of this diary post recently changed to: WHY YOU SHOULD START CHEATING. 
I was reading Huff Post few weeks ago and  came around on a post why you shouldn't cheat. After few weeks I found awesome picture of my girlfriend's Snapchat. She is naked and it's written as follows: "No he is asleep. I am going to watch TV in living room. Join me." I had only one question in my head.
Life is A bitch or Am I a Fool?

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Revenge: Expat girl in Manila

Why independent rich woman still in need of the cock? Well psychologically she still in need of.. it's natural. And I respect that. She knows where she's going. She don't need any man until she feels safe with the one. Safety and spiritual connection makes her blush and suddenly wet. It's like 1-2-3. And everyone knows it.

Mellisa is 35 from Toronto living and working in Manila, Philippines for 3 years now. She's got divorced 2 months ago. At least that'swhat she said. We met in Makati Starbucks. Looks 7/10 only but I found her intellectually sexy. Sounds weird even to me reading it.

What she does when she is out of relationship? Freedom for girl means becoming Bridget Jones for at least 1 month. After that as follows. Checking black-book and contacting few last boyfriends or just guy friends. If no luck she's gonna register on one of the dating sites. She is craving for somebody masculine to hold her, understand her, lean on her strong man's shoulder. Even tho consciously she just fooling around- spiritual distraction makes her falsely trust that she found another defender. 
But if her plan doesn't work. After few attempts she starts feeling like cheap station whore. She is NOT.

"Hi, Ryan. Nice finally meeting you. First thing. I am not that kind of girl which would sleep with guy on the first date. Even though on my OKC says only casual sex.. At the moment I am on emotional roller-coaster. Please understand. I need a friend. Would you like to be my friend?" 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Secret: French-Canadian affair

The Secret: French-Canadian affair. It's a real story.
In 2015 I was backpacking SE Asia.  In Kampot, Cambodia I was staying in Mad Monkeys Hostel for 4 nights. Had unexpected last night there. I will share it with you NOW. Just dont tell anyone OK.