Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Softcore: Good wife and Photographer

''Several shots were taken of me sitting on the bench. He then had me lay on the bench and he moved the camera to down between my legs. Even though my legs were still closed this camera angle made may me feel more exposed.''

This story is from March 2014. My husband was going to be 29, and I wanted to give him a very very present. Nick my husband is very special to me and is also very hard to bribe for. I was brainstorming for ideas, then it came to me. I would get a portrait made of me and give it to him on his birthday.
Andrew also known as Vee is well known in fashion photography. Vee owns studio in Shoreditch and has taken many photo-shoots there. Andrew of Vee Photography is about 15 years older than I am and has got wife for many years now. His wife Lily was also a good friend of ours.
I was able to get an appointment for the following week while my husband was at work. I had a light beach dress in mind to wear to the photo-shoot. On the morning I was to go, I got myself all done up, hair, makeup, nails. I went to the closet to get my dress when I noticed a long light blue night-dress that I have never worn. The gown was satin with a deep V-cut in the front and a open back that went almost to my ass.
I felt my heart quicken my husband Nick always loved my lingerie sets. I thought I would bring the negligee along but I didn’t think I would have the nerve to wear it. Besides the beach-dress was one of his favorites.
Getting there my thoughts kept doing to the night satin dress and as I parked the car I grabbed the hanger and brought it along. Vee was the only one in the studio this morning his wife would not be in to help him today.
I placed the gown in the dressing room and went into the studio where jack was waiting. After some cikita talkie talkie I stood in front of the lights to be photographed. He used multiple tricks and poses and I had decided to let the idea of using the negligee go too.
I was starting to step down and he mentioned that he had noticed that I had a wardrobe change. My heart started pounding out of my chest again. I have an exhibitionist side, but at that point in time in my life I was in complete denial of this. I asked him if that would be ok and that the pictures were for my husbands birthday. He replied that he had nothing else going on this morning and anything for my husband, he is a good friend.
I went into the dressing room staring at the night satin dress with my stomach in my throat. I removed all of my clothing, and looked at my naked body in the mirror. It was like I had never seen myself nude before. I took the negligee off the hanger and put it on. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the changing-room into the studio. Vee eased the door shut and had me sit on the end of a tall stool. He came over to position my hands and head then proceeded to take pictures.
Making a comment that this is for Nick's birthday, and would I want to make it real special. Vee then came over to me as if in deep thinking. He had me turn around and push my thumbs under the straps of the gown. Then he moved my hands and lowered the gown just enough to reveal my ass. The negligee framed my bum as he stepped back and I heard the camera start click-click.. The photographer was now in control. I knew this and it terrified me and excited me at the same time. I knew this friend of my husband's was using his professional status to take advantage of the situation. This knowledge excited me that to view my body was going to give him pleasure.
Vee had me turn around and face him. The negligee was revealing almost all of my breast as I turned to face him. He then instructed me to fold my arms across my stomach letting the gown fall almost to my waist. Seeing him staring at me as the camera flashed made the reality of the situation sink-in. My whole body was tingling and I almost felt a little faint.
I was holding onto the gown at my waist. He approached me tuning me back around and asked me to let the gown to fall to the floor. I could have passed out and could feel my body shaking but did as I was asked to do. The negligee was at my feet as the camera flashed few times. I thought my legs were going to give out.
Vee brought a bench over and had me sit in a very lady like fashion on it. Several shots were taken of me sitting on the bench. He then had me lay on the bench and he moved the camera to down between my legs. Even though my legs were still closed this camera angel may me feel more exposed. Vee was taking time to position my head and body as he continued to take pictures.
Vee then had me let my knees fall apart exposing all, and my whole body excitement was now concentrated in my pussy. I was relishing in the exposure and the lust I knew he was feeling taking advantage, and talking me into things I never intended to happen.
He was taking multiple pictures at a faster rate. Photographer was also focusing the lens for closer and closer pictures. Without being prompted I let my index finger lightly touch myself. This brought on a lot of verbal encouragement from him. The tension and a orgasm was starting to build I sat up, I was not going to cum in front of him. But I couldn't stop myself. Too late. I am done. 
Vee poured on the compliments. I grabbed my gown of temptation and walked naked to the dressing room. I sat there naked, sweating and trying to catch my breath. Feeling of guilt and excitement went through me. I placed my undergarments in my purse, and put my sun dress on with nothing underneath it.
By the time I had gathered my self, and left the dressing room Vee had already developed the negatives and was starting to print out the pictures of our little photo fling. He invited me to stay and to go ahead and pick out the pictures that I wanted.
If I thought that being naked and having your pictures was embracing. Looking at these very reveling pictures with a lot of commentary from Vee was almost painful, and he took full advantage, enjoying my discomfort. He commentary was very professional but it still had the desired effect of making me squirm.
Driving home my whole body was tingling and I could feel my nipples rubbing against my dress. I had done this as a gift for my husband but I felt as if I had betrayed him. It then dawned on me what would he say to the pictures , it might even up set him and I had a sick feeling in my stomach again
I gave the pictures to my husband on his birthday in an elegantly wrapped box. You will be happy to know he was elated especially when he found out who the photographer was and how he talked me into doing what I did. My hubby still to this day still reminds me of how erotic it was, and would I ever think of doing it again.  

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