Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Diary: Why You Should Never Cheat

Real name of this diary post recently changed to: WHY YOU SHOULD START CHEATING. 
I was reading Huff Post few weeks ago and  came around on a post why you shouldn't cheat. After few weeks I found awesome picture of my girlfriend's Snapchat. She is naked and it's written as follows: "No he is asleep. I am going to watch TV in living room. Join me." I had only one question in my head.
Life is A bitch or Am I a Fool?

My gf snap when on holidays in Mexico last year
My snap when on holiday last year

1# UPDATE: I've got paranoid. I have installed small pin CCTV camera in my living room I've got handy hands so all process was like smooth 007 operation for me. Now I can see my own house living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. And it's all on my phone screen. Whenever I am at work I can check what's happening. Or get email like that "This is motion detector capture of your: Living Room: 17.03.2016: Local Time 14.33". Motion detectors are handy little things these days.

I knew that my cute girlfriend is cheating on me. Next weekend I will find out who is the name Melisa fucking on aside. Exciting! Check this post next week same time.

2# UPDATE: This weekend we had great Netflix and Chill sessions with Melisa. On Sunday night I went to bed but couldn't asleep. Couldn't asleep cause Melisa was masturbating and I could see it on my smartphone when being in bed. She was staying few extra hours in living room reading her Kindle literotica and chatting probably on Snapchat. I have got curious so I installed Snapchat on my own phone my profile states I am- Robbie**. I started following Melisa's SN. Suprisingly her name is ANNIE****. UPDATED

3# UPDATE: Nothing happening.

4# UPDATE: Yup she is cheating on me.
5# UPDATE: We are not friends anymore.
6# UPDATE: Melisa is feeling really depressed and asking me back: "It's just happened once. I wasn't myself. I miss you babe:("
7# UPDATE: I send her picture on whatsapp:
Why you should never cheat. From Robbie to Melisa

8# LIFETIME LESSON: Never expect first date night TINDER slut - ever to become a loyal girlfriend.

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