Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Real Story: Young Dutch Girl Sex Dream Cum True

Real Story how Dutch Girl's Sex Dream Cum True 
Be careful what you wish for cause sometimes the dreams might cum true

After posting first article I've got first email. Check it out. Ryan.

''Hi, Ryan. My name is Lotte. I am 22 years old girl from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Yesterday I was looking for some inspiration and found your post The Secret. It helped:) That's my little adventure last week.. You may share it with your readers if you want. Lotte.'' 

I am not super sexperienced. And I hate one night stands. I am single 5 months now. The brutal reality is that lately I am just rubbing myself when swiping TINDER on my phone. Doing this I accidentally came up with picture of well known face. Luuk used to be my brother's best friend back in school. When I was little, Luuk used to be the coolest kid on the block. I always had a thing for him... Cold sweat all over me seeing him on this shitty dating app. My heart just stopped for a moment! What he's doing here? I knew he finished studies and moved to Amsterdam. Swiped to the Right. Guess what. It's a match.

Later I was secretly praying that after 5 years he won't recognize me. I changed a lot. I used to be like chubby geeky girl, now I am like Monica from Friends. Hot, confident and mad about everything. Totally like like Monica. 

I've got his message next morning: ''Little LOTTE is that YOU?'' My heart was racing.. Shall i answer or simply delete Tinder app. I always wanted him. He used to have that witty sense of humor. Even though I was 15 or 17 he always used to call me Little Lotte. Hated him for that. Maybe Luuk needs a prove that Little Lotte is 22 and is not that Little anymore. I texted him back like it was even bigger surprise from my side.

I wonder how Luuk looks like today. Still arousing funny? Still charming and a great conversation companion? I was obsessively wondering how is he now.

We tried to arrange coffee meeting few times. But he was keep canceling, because of his busy schedule. Finally I met him one afternoon in his new office after my Uni. Meeting went well. I guess. Shame that we had only 40min during his lunch break. We were laughing a lot remembering old days. It was nice. And Yes he was keep teasing and calling me Little Lotte. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Luuk is 30 now. Quite respected Architect in Holland (he used to tell everyone he's gonna become a cargo truck driver, haha). Mature but still smoking hot and charming. He recently divorced and moved from Amsterdam back here. He found his wife's sex-tape with some dude from contractors company... I felt sorry about him... Anyhow at the moment Luuk is keeping himself busy and opening his own Architectural Design company in Rotterdam center. Respect. You go boy!

Friday night I was Netflix Ninja as usual. So I texted Luuk saying that I'm home alone. At that time he was still in the office. He found his way here in less than one hour.

Oh my, he was looking even cuter when he appeared in front of doorstep. He was in the dark jeans and navy blue shirts. Handsome boy with hot pizza on his hand. Bonus points. As I am in my own castle, my outfit was simple and comfy. I was only wearing an over-sized old t-shirt with no bra and a yoga pants without any undies. I guess he knew cause I caught him staring dreamily on my 38C breasts. Little Lotte not so little anymore, ah? I waited no longer and invited him inside.

Luuk started the conversation when we were surfing Netflix on TV in living room. The internet was too slow tho. My hands never left his thighs while we were talking. And once or few times, I accidentally brushed against his cock. He was so hard already! Game ON.

I told him that upstairs it's way better internet connection. We went upstairs to my parents master bedroom. I was laying on the bed, he sat next to me. He started touching my hair and thighs. Not rushing it at all. Luuk made me feel so secure.

I hugged his waist and leveled my head with his. I kissed him. He returned my kiss passionately. Then He whispered in my ear that he wants me so badly. I knew I couldn't wait anymore. It's been so long since my last time. So I climbed over him. Letting him have the full view of his Little Lotte stripping her clothes off.
I continued kissing him seductively and passionately while pulling down his shorts. To my surprise, he wasn't wearing underwear too! It made me feel even more aroused. I began rubbing his cock. He was moaning so softly that it made me feel even more horny. 
He pushed my head down gently. Oh gosh. This is the biggest cock I have ever seen. I was licking from his balls till his dick's head. He started moaning softly. I put his dick into my mouth. He was enjoying it so much. I squeezed his balls while sucking and licking Luuk's hard Stallion. He adjusted me into 69 and began touching my pussy.
He spread out my pussy. Luuk spit on his fingers and started rubbing my pussy lightly. It's a wonder how his fingers work on my pussy and clit. I was feeling soooo good.

Luuk whispered that he loves the way I express myself when moaning.
He positioned me for a nice and hot doggy fuck. I was feeling so excited! My heart was racing the same way like I saw Him first time on Tinder. He began pounding me so hard, making those sexy Pok-Pok-Pok sounds while fucking me from behind. That's the reason why I love doggy style so much. Gosh those sounds are turning me ON. POK-POK-POK-POK-POK-POK-POK-POK!.. Now he was banging me so hard that I could feel my pussy juices are flowing down my thighs.

"How Luuk's ex would feel if she would know that his husband's big white cock pumping NOW in my my young tight pussy with no condom!. I bet Lukk's Ex wife will regret cheating on him the rest of her life. Poor slut Abby.."

Luuk told me to lie down on my back. He put my legs on His shoulders. While keeping the eye contact He gently put His cock in my pussy. Moving step by step quicker. Faster. Faster. Faster. Deeper. Harder! While passionately banging me he was squeezing my young full of youth tits. Luuk was blushing. He invested up all of his energy and was giving me my hardest and best fuck ever. Every move he made, he was fondling with my breasts from time to time licking and biting my puffy excited nipples.
For glorious finish Luuk lifted me when kneeling himself. Holding his young dream surrounded by his muscular hands. We synchronize our deep breathing. I can feel that he is about to cum. I can feel his hard cock pounding my pussy notoriously. My thighs start shaking uncontrollably. I start screaming. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. YEAH BABY. Oh oh oh. AAAAAAAAAA-AAAA AA OH MY GOD!!! Oh my god. Oh my... We came together.

Luuk slowly put me back on the bed rolled off me and ended everything with sweet kisses from my lips to my neck. Aww. I'm looking forward to his second visit into my tight sweet pussy.

Be careful what you wish for cause sometimes the dreams might cum true.

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