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The Secret: French-Canadian affair

The Secret: French-Canadian affair. It's a real story.
In 2015 I was backpacking SE Asia.  In Kampot, Cambodia I was staying in Mad Monkeys Hostel for 4 nights. Had unexpected last night there. I will share it with you NOW. Just dont tell anyone OK.

Hostel is quite new. With swimming pool, rooftop bar, pool table, good resto... Long description short- great sociable atmosphere and cool place to meet other travelers. Highly recommended (NOT promotion).

The last night me and my six roomies were having dinner downstairs next to the swimming pool. 3 German girls, me and another Dutch guy and 2 dodgy Brits.  When we were in the middle of our dinner next to our table sat one girl. I was thinking 'Oh she must be new here. Those Nerdy Glasses looks super-cute on her!'. She ordered pint of beer from the bar and was pretending reading a book. She was clearly bored or felt insecure in the new (when being alone sometimes I feel the same).
One of the dodgy Brits Nick was closest to New Comer. So he asked her:

'-Hows the book?'

New Comer:
'-It's a great book. Thanks'

'-How its called?'

New Comer:
'-Wow, girl are you flirting with me already?'

I was thinking like: 'OMFG. Nick. You. Are. A. Fucking. Moran. The name of the book  is The Secret! I could easily recognize it from the red cover with no letters on it..)
But he didn't stop there. He was ON and ON and ON and ON...

'-Blalala blala-bulshit-sleazy joke- bla bla, hehehe.. Thats cool right.'
I've seen that She's starting feeling little uncomfortable.
I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up, went calmly to New Comer's table and said:

'-Hi. My is..'

Clearly she wasn't expecting my approach. She knocked her glasses with her right hand...

I was:
'-Oh shoot are you ok???'

She stared at me for a second. Then had warm smile on her face (She looked truly adorable with those dimples in the cheeks.. just oh gosh).

'-Heyy. My name. Name is Doooo(wait for it)minique.'   

'-Ryyyyyyy-an. Nice to meet you Dominique. Join our table.'

'-Of course. Why not.'

We sat at our table. We all got acquainted. My  gang was friendly even Nick had his boner zipped. Dominique had lovely innocent smile, even 2 posh German girls felt convinced.  Nothing too special in the chikita-chatting really. Names. Where we're from? How long each of us traveling? Where we all been? Whats the next stop after Combodia.. bla bla bla bla... bla bla blaaaaaa bla bla bla......................................

I tried to control myself not staring at her cheek dimples (I've got big thing for girls with dimples in the cheeks) Managed to preserve myself. Knuckles.
Dominique was from traditional family, 23 years old french-Canadian Bio-medicine student from Quebec, Canada. She dropped-out from university. That's why she was traveling SE Asia for few months until next semester. 

After few beers my head felt little dizzy. But I was enjoying the evening. 

'-Its 11pm. Lets grab tuk-tuk and go to Irish Bar!'
Most of the company was in. But I didn't feel it. By the way I am having early transfer to Phnom Penh tomorrow. So its a NO from me. Surprisingly Dominique was tired as well. Company left. We 2 stayed for another drink.

She was different from the rest of the girls. She was interested in TED talks, Economist kinda readings, NLP programming, psichological stuff. She was interesting personality. 
'-What you think about The Secret' honestly?'
'-Its a pile of shit. Hair moisturizing brain-wash.'
I was giggling;
'-Ha haha. If it's that bad. Why you are almost in the End of it.'
'-The writing is OK. Plus lots of good ideas how to work with yourself. Attraction Ryan. You know.'
Surprisingly she was spot-on on this. I've read it last year. Its a Mind Fuck dressed up in Fairy Tale jacket. But if it doesn't do any harm- it helps. Like everything in the world. Whatever wont kill you will only make you stronger. 

We finished our drinks and decided go to beds. She was  staying on 3rd floor and me on the 6th. She gave me friendly hug.
'-Good night Ryan. Have an easy transfer tomorrow morning You. By the way find me on FB: Dominique Rittali. Double T'.

I was laying in my bed. Even though I was tipsy and tired I couldn't asleep. I couldnt stop thinking about her. I took my phone and typed her name on FB. Oh my god she looks smoking hot in Oktoberfest outfit. Shame that I've never been in the famous Bavarian Beer Festival.. I wrote her message 'Cant asleep. Join me for a joint on the rooftop'. 1min. 5min. 10min. Shit shes sleeping already.. Got asleep with my phone in my hand as well.
Checked my phone. 4AM! WTF? 'Dominique: I am on the rooftop. Come.'
I washed my face and went up there. She was on top mezzanine in hammock watching the stars. I set next to her. We didn't say a word. She was staring in the sky with the smile on her face. No make-up. Her natural face in the moonlight was looking so relaxed, so... dimples. She was in her funky one-piece pyjamas. No bra couse I could see clearly poking nipples through her chunky outfit textile.

I lit the joint. I had few puffs and passed it to her. She killed it. 
'- You know... its a shame that you are leaving tomorrow.'
'-Are you high. I'm leaving today in 3 hours hehe.'

I sat next to her in the hammock. I touched her hand. Gently brushed her shining hair with my fingers. I leaned to her and smelled her hair. She looked at me with her huge almond shaped eyes. She kissed me. We started kissing and touching each other. After 5 min we were making out half naked in the hammock. In the sunrise her Golden Orange skin were looking simply spectacular. I squeezed her full young breasts. She moaned. I started gently touching her left nipple with my tongue. I put her hand on my shorts at the same time and she started rubbing my cock. I couldn't think clearly all my blood was pumping somewhere else.

I slipped my hand in her pyjamas. I started rubbing her through panties. 'Gosh she is so wet! She is burning down there. '
I stood up and kneel down. I put her legs around my neck let her still lay in hammock. I leaned towards and started gently massaging her pussy with my wet tongue. She started moaning. I put my left hand on her mouth. Step by step I was going more and more intense down there. She was moaning so loud even with my hand trying to reduce the noise..  'I will not let her cum so easy. Not yet. She must to deserve it' :I was thinking. So I stopped and told her: 
'-Spread it for me NOW.'
She spread her tight pussy lips with two fingers. I started playing my tongue there again but this time only with the very tip of my tongue barely touching pink wet clit. We were keeping the eye contact this time. She started rolling her eyes back. Her thighs started shaking. Little french cunt was loosing her mind. The moaning suddenly changed to screaming: 'JEU VEO TA GRUS BIT DAN MA BOUCHE! JEU VEO TA GRUS BIT DAN MA BOUCHE!!!!
She came.

(Never knew french. Have no idea what she was screaming)


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